The Excuse

RunnerWe have all made them.  Excuses why we can’t mow the lawn, excuses why we can’t make it into work.  The biggest one is making excuses for not exercising.  I don’t have the time!  I am scared by all of the “in shape” people.  I can’t afford it.  I’m too tired after work all day to go into a gym and get more tired.  All of these excuses can be laid to rest.

    Time is the biggest excuse.  Some of the busiest people I know can spare 20 minutes to exercise.  The time commitment for exercise need not be hours a day.  In just 20-30 minutes a day, you can accomplish tremendous fitness goals.  Studies show that doing cardio exercise two to three times a week can not only control your weight and blood sugar levels, but also help you cope with stress as well.  Lifting just two times a week will also increase your bone density, thereby decreasing your risk for osteoporosis.

    If you are intimidated by all of the “fit” people in the gym, take comfort that they were feeling the same way you are when they first started.  You will find that most participants in the gym are friendly, encouraging and may be someone that you know.

    If you are tired after a long day at work, why not reenergize yourself with a 30-minute group exercise class?  You will find that after getting the heart rate up and moving your body, you will have more energy to finish your day and may even get more accomplished than if you hadn’t worked out.

    If you feel that a gym membership is out of your price range, try taking a brisk walk at your lunch break.  Fitness doesn’t have to cost you anything!  You can do pushups at home, run the stairs, and even do crunches on the floor while watching TV at night!

    Fitness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  It’s necessary to get rid of all of the excuses, do something for YOURSELF and get in shape!