Slow Down at the Dinner Table

Slow downAre you as hungry as I am when you get home from work?  The kids are starving, you spouse is waiting anxiously and you prepare the evening meal.  This is not the time to inhale.  Slow down!!  Studies show that those that eat quickly not only overeat, they are hungry soon after.  It takes about 20 minutes for the food you eat to reach your stomach, and to let you know that you are filling up.  If you eat like you are in the Navy, you won’t allow your stomach to give you the warning sign that you are getting full.

    Take the time to take small bites and eat slowly.  You will digest your food better and most likely not overeat.  If you are not shoveling food into your mouth, it may also allow you to come up for air long enough to talk to you family between bites.  You will also probably avoid feeling hungry again shortly afterwards.