Office Snacking

Doritos.  Mmmmm.Isn’t it nice when someone bakes cookies and brings them in for everyone at work?  How about those great vending machines that supply us with an endless supply of Doritos? A recent study conducted by the 2004 Wellness Council of America shows that sweets and chocolate represent 50% of all snacks eaten at the office.  That means that while you may be on the straight and narrow at home with your eating, you may stray more easily at the office.  Desk employees also snack at least 2-3 times a day.  There is nothing wrong with snacking as long as you keep in mind some helpful hints.

  1. Make sure that you take advantage of your lunch break.  Walk the steps at work, take a walk or join a gym and exercise over lunch.
  2. Bring along your own healthy snacks.  Just because someone offers you something doesn’t mean you have to eat it.  If there is a cookie that has your name on it, break it in half and share it with a coworker.
  3. Take charge of the office.  While it’s nice to bring cakes for those you care about at work, think about the expanding waistline.  Designate one day a week or month for those that want to bring something in.  Then you can “treat” yourself to that one day to have a treat.
  4. With the holidays coming up, snacking gets out of hand.  Make sure that the treats only come in for an office party.  Spare your coworkers the spare time and just be jolly at the holidays!