“No Pain, No Gain”

SombraHave you ever heard the phrase “no pain, no gain”?  Your fitness plan does not have to hurt you.  Many people are scared to begin their exercise regimen because of the initial discomfort that comes with the first several workouts.  That discomfort is a chemical called lactic acid that sets into the muscles after they have been set out to work.  Weight training and cardiovascular exercise can bring this discomfort on.  There are ways to alleviate some of this discomfort such as: stretching, more exercise the following days, aspirin, or rubbing some Sombra or BenGay onto the sore areas.  As you progress through your fitness regimen, you will notice that you may not get as sore in the weeks to follow.  Being sore is not bad.  It means that your body is adjusting to your new program and growing stronger.  You will being to learn what sore and hurt are.

    Being hurt and trying to exercise is something else entirely.  For instance, if you rake leaves over the weekend and your shoulder hurts so bad that you can’t raise your arm over your head, come to the gym and do leg or cardio exercise.  Give your arms a break.  Another example is if a certain exercise hurts each time you do it, perhaps you should choose an alternative exercise.  You may have underlying issues in that certain body part.  You can then take the advice of a personal trainer as to what fitness avenue you should take.  They may suggest alternative exercises that will allow you in several weeks’ time to go back to that first exercise that hurt.  You may be able to strengthen the area around the weak muscle and actually alleviate the initial problem.