Man Versus Machine

Have you ever walked into a gym and been amazed at all of the equipment that is at your disposal?  With having that much variety at your disposal, what are you supposed to do?  Where do you begin your exercise regimen when you have several choices?

    Gyms have what are known as nautilus machines.  Basically, these machines are set up to lead you in an exercise.  You get into the machine, and lift the weights in the form that the machine lets you lift it.  It is always important to acquire the advice of a personal trainer when you begin an exercise program.  That way, you will not use any machine wrong and keep yourself injury-free.  These “nautilus” machines can be either pin-loaded or plate-loaded.  A pin-loaded machine has a stack of weights connected to the machine and all you need to do is move a weight pin up or down according to what weight you would like to do.  A plate-loaded machine is a nautilus machine that you need to add weight to by placing weighted plates on it. 

    You can also take advantage of free weights.  These are dumbbells, bars and the like.  You have much more freedom with your exercise program when using free weights.  However, it is imperative that you are well versed in your exercise regimen when using free weights.

    A well rounded exercise regimen will incorporate both nautilus machines and free weights.  It is very possible to get a great workout using only one system or the other.  There are advantages to either.  Whatever you use, again make sure that you take advantage of the personal trainers at your gym.  Let them know what your goals are, and they will lead you in the right direction!