Holiday Help

ThanksgivingHere's a healthy Thanksgiving twist to some of your favorite recipes and some cooking and devouring tips for the holidays:

  1. If you are making mashed potatoes, leave the skin on.  There is fiber in the skins and if you use red potatoes, it gives your dish a dash of color.  Try using spray butter and skim milk to give it smooth texture without added calories.  Minced garlic works well to give flavor if you are trying to cut down on your sodium.
  2. When cooking your turkey, try using cooking bags instead of basting your turkey with oil.  It will remain moist without the added calories (don't forget to take the giblet bag out of your turkey– I've forgotten myself!!).
  3. Try offering your guests some healthy appetizers before the dinner.  Apples paired up with fruit dip, veggie trays, and wheat crackers with low fat dip will help curb appetites so as not to overeat at the dinner table.
  4. Use smaller plates for your guests to eat off of.  They will take smaller portions (or they might just fill up several times).
  5. If you make homemade cranberry sauce, try using Splenda instead of sugar.  It tastes just as good without the extra calories.  If you would like to boost the flavor, try adding oranges or raspberries to the mixture.  If you would like to increase the protein, add diced walnuts.
  6. Leave your guests time to sit and digest their meal before bringing out dessert if you cook it.  By whisking the dinner plates off the table and serving dessert immediately, guests may eat more than they are hungry for.  You can also serve your guests smaller portions of dessert by precutting it and having it on plates for them to pick up themselves.

Hope some of these tips help!!