Help Your Kids Eat Healthfully!

School lunchWhen I was a kid, my parents took us to McDonald’s on my dad’s payday.  What a treat that was!  It seems nowadays McDonald’s can be part of the normal week diet, not a treat.  Childhood is the time when children establish their life eating patterns.  It is our job as parents and guardians to guide them into a healthy eating lifestyle plan.

    Understand that children need 5 servings of vegetables and fruits a day.  Unfortunately, lots of kids don’t get this.  When packing your child’s lunch for school, send an apple and carrot sticks.  There’s 2 – 3 servings right there!  Keep fruits and veggies at the ready for after school snacks or keep them cut up in the fridge for a quick grab.

    Make sure that your young ones get breakfast every day.  Studies show that children that get a good breakfast not only perform better in school, but are less likely to be overweight.  Plan the time to have breakfast with them so you can talk about the day.  It’s also important to have a sit-down meal for dinner if you can all get your schedules to agree.  Life is hectic, but nothing’s better than sitting with your kids after a hard day’s work and just enjoying their company while eating a good meal.

    If your child is obese, they still need to eat.  Don’t restrict them from eating meals.  Focus on lower calorie, nutrient-rich snacks and limit sweetened beverages like soda and fruit drinks.  Get your children active and away from the television and promote physical activity as a family.

    Be a role model for your kids and follow these tips as well.  You will all look better and feel better!