Classes Descriptions

Bootcamp: Hardcore get your heart rate up class.

Butt Busters: Tighten up your bottom line with a 45-minute intense glute, inner/outer thigh, and hamstring workout.

Cardio Challenge: Time to get the heart rate up with a variety of cardio guaranteed to challenge!

Carolyn’s Low Impact:  Carolyn’s brand of low impact is fun, full of variety, and keeps you on your toes while keeping the impact out of your joints.  This class will get your heart rate up, while entertaining you!!

Cycle Plus: Traditional group cycling class with an added section for arms (sometimes added in during the cycling portion)!! A new spin on an old favorite!

Fitness Factory Core Zone:  This is a 30-45 minute class designed to trim the middle section and get you the abs you’ve been looking for!!

Group Cycling:  What a rush this class is!  Utilizing group cycling bikes, this instructor-led class will push your heart rate levels up, burn your legs out, and make you sweat like you never have before!!  A guaranteed winner of a class!!

Heidi’s Hi-Lo Impact:  Heidi’s brand of hi lo aerobics is city renowned!! Her high intensity, easy-to-follow class is a guaranteed killer!!

HIT:  High-Intensity Training: A fast-paced weight training class guaranteed to tone your body while strengthening your muscles AND burning a ton of calories!!

Hour of Power:  Depending on how poorly the instructor ate the night before, beware of their mood!!  All kidding aside, this fun class will be different each time and will be worth getting up for!!

Just Abs: Need we say more?

Kettlebell:  Streamline your body and get strong with our Kettlebell class!!  By incorporating big muscle movements into a heart-racing class, we guarantee you a great full body workout!!

Kickboxing:  You may not be able to fight in a dark alley after this class, but you will definitely get in shape and work hard!  This class works on proper execution of traditional martial arts kicks while getting your heart rate up and burning your legs out!

Leg Day: 45 minutes of strength training focused on legs, in the weight room with a personal training atmosphere!!

POUND!  Designed for all fitness levels, POUND is a full body cardio drumming-jam session using lightly weighted Ripstix. POUND combines cardio conditioning and strength training with yoga and Pilates inspired movements. Come to POUND and release your inner rockstar!!

Power Plyo:  This class incorporates plyometrics, rope training, and medicine ball work for a reinvented full body workout!!

Silver Sneakers:  This class is for older adults and incorporates light weights, a bit of cardiovascular training, some stretching and camaraderie for those that want to stay in shape!  Participants can be seated or stand if able.

New! Slow-Flow Yoga Release daily stress, stretch, and strengthen while improving flexibility and balance. Please bring a mat and prepare to move your body for a 45-minute reprieve from the day!

Strength Training:  This is a 30 to 45-minute strength training class designed to educate you on how to design your own exercise regimen.

VRT: Variable Resistance Training: High intensity, constantly changing class to challenge the toughest of participants!!

Yoga Flow: This mat workout class infuses yoga postures and core-conditioning  exercises that will produce real results and will tone your body from head to toe. Benefits of this  yoga class are improved flexibility and strength, core stability and balance, stress reduction, relief from fatigue and back pain, and improved mind-body awareness.  This workout can be modified for all ages and fitness levels.

Yoga Fit & Flex: A moderately-paced yoga flow to warm the body, increasing flexibility and stamina. The class begins with a primary standing flow, working the major muscle groups while increasing balance and breath control. Floor moves will be incorporated to work the core and stretch the muscles. This workout can be modified to include all fitness levels.

Zumba Gold:  Zumba Gold puts a spin on a traditional Zumba class and gears it towards our active older adults!!  Guaranteed good time!!


All classes are multi-leveled.  All members welcome!!