Benefits of the Barbells

BarbellThink you’re too old to lift weights?  Perhaps you’re too busy, or just don’t like weights.  I have ten good reasons to change your mind:

  1. You’ll fight heart disease.  Strength training is proven to decrease cholesterol levels and strengthen your heart muscle!
  2. You’ll be able to fight arthritis and body aches.  Studies have shown that weight training can strengthen joints and ease arthritis pain.  It can also strengthen low back muscles to alleviate low back pain by taking the pressure off the spine.
  3. Your new muscle will help fight weight gain.  When you begin to increase your muscle mass, your metabolism speeds up and you are burning more calories a day.
  4. You’ll be a stronger person.  Your everyday activities will be easier to perform and you will move around better.  You will breeze through your daily tasks!
  5. Mental health will strengthen as well.  Those that weight train feel more confident, and have a positive self-image.  There have also been studies done to prove that depression is greatly reduced in those that lift weights.
  6. You’ll be a better athlete.  Whether you are the occasional golfer, hunter, or an avid 5k runner, weight training can help in any sport by increasing lean muscle mass.  It will also help keep injuries at a minimum.
  7. Weight training helps at any age.  Strength training improvements can help those in their 20s as well as those in their 80s.  Lean muscle mass can be achieved at any age.
  8. You can reduce the risk of diabetes.  With weight gains, the chance of adult diabetes grows.  Lifting weights can increase glucose absorption by the body and reduce sugar issues very quickly.
  9. Osteoporosis will be reduced.  You can increase the density of your bones with weight bearing activities such as strength training.  Once you have osteoporosis, you can’t get rid of it, but you can prevent it from getting worse.
  10. You will lose fat and gain muscle.  One does not turn into the other.  You will decrease your body fat as you get stronger, and as you put muscle mass on, you will lose weight.

    With all these reasons, what are you waiting for?