Active Older Adults

Can you picture your grandmother participating in a step aerobics class?  No way, you say.  She belongs in a quilting group so she can take it easy in her retirement.  I couldn’t disagree more!  There is a huge trend for older adults to get off their hind ends and get moving!  People are not only living longer, but living better and healthier.  With being healthier, quality of life gets better.  Several insurance agencies are approaching gyms across the country to offer more older-adult programming with tremendous success.  This doesn’t mean that seniors need to get on the treadmill and try to run marathons every day.  Functional fitness classes (classes that help older adults get more flexible and stronger) are doing a great job of shaping up our senior counterparts.  Not only is fitness appropriate for the wellbeing of our older adults, it also gets them involved in groups that bond together (sometimes mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness).  Strength training can be beneficial at any age, and statistics show that older adults that get involved in weight training and regular cardiovascular exercise have better circulation, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and less aches and pains.  SO while quilting groups are great fun for older adults (my mom belongs to one!), encourage your older loved ones to go for a walk, pick up some dumbbells, or join a gym!