Aches and Pains

PainI’m sure you all have heard the catch phrase “No Pain, No Gain” and think that when you being your exercise regimen, that stands true.  Lots of people get sore when they begin exercising again and are afraid of this.  When you get sore after you exercise, basically what is happening is that the muscles in your body are receiving tiny tears in them.  They will repair themselves and grow stronger, ad the soreness goes away.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  If you are aware that there will be a degree of soreness when you begin, you can deal with it.  Many people want to ease themselves into their regimen when they join a gym so as to alleviate this initial soreness.  While it’s true that you didn’t get out of shape in a week and you probably won’t get back into shape in a week, you do need to realize that you will be a bit achy when you get physical again.

    There is a difference between muscle soreness and pain.  If you work out on a regular basis and your shoulders always hurt (just as an example), this might be the telltale sign that there is a problem in your shoulder and you should contact your doctor or a physical therapist.  You can also discuss these pains with your trainers at the gym.  There are countless exercises you can do for each body part, and perhaps they may have a suggestion as to how to strengthen that body part with different exercises that won’t hurt.

    Above all, listen to your body.  Understand that if you are working out regularly, you will get stiff and sore, but if you have constant pain in certain areas, you need to seek professional help for that ailment.  Ignoring pain like that will not only make the problem worse, it may cause other problems (knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone, etc.)!