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WhistleJoining a gym is your first step to getting in good physical condition.  Your second step is to hook up with a personal trainer to get you started on the right path towards your own fitness goals.  It is easy to go into any gym in the country and get “advice” from well-meaning members offering to help you get your program started.  With the wealth of information to be found in regards to health and fitness these days, where do you turn?  Lots of people subscribe to magazines like Muscle and Fitness or Shape, but if you truly read the front page of these magazines, you will see that there is a new and improved workout each month.  Just because it’s in print doesn’t make it gospel.

    When you begin your new exercise program, take advantage of the personal trainers at your gym.  Any good trainer is in tune with the latest fitness trends (the ones that work and the ones that don’t), and will be best able to guide you to what would be best for you.  Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions!  This is your health and well-being and it is very important that you relay any questions or concerns that you have to your trainer.  Advice from other members at your gym is great, but understand what may work for them may not work for you!
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