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EquipmentFitness Factory has two lines of Nautilus machines, Hammer Strength equipment, dumbbells 3 pounds to 160 pounds, cable machines, squat racks, flat, incline and decline benches, Smith machines, and a wide variety of cardio equipment for our members to utilize.

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Group Cycling
February 21, 6:00am - 6:30am
Zumba Gold
February 21, 8:15am - 9:00am
Butt Busters
February 21, 9:15am - 10:00am
Strength Training
February 21, 10:15am - 11:00am
Core Zone Express
February 21, 12:15pm - 12:45pm
Man Versus Machine

Have you ever walked into a gym and been amazed at all of the equipment that is at your disposal?  With having that much variety at your disposal, what are you supposed to do?  Where do you...

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